Belharra Numérique x GESEC, a “Success Story” rewarded at the DocuWare Digital Leaders Award

A rewarded “Success Story”

On October 6, 2023, during the annual edition of the DocuWare Digital Leaders Award, the GESEC project, led by Belharra Numérique, is recognized by DocuWare as one of the 13 most innovative and remarkable projects in Europe. 

A fruitful collaboration between Belharra Numérique and GESEC which was honored as a true “Success Story”. This prestigious recognition celebrates innovation, efficiency, and excellence in the world of digital business transformation.  


Support +400 members in their digital transformation

GESEC, an Economic Interest Group bringing together 438 SMEs specializing in Climate Engineering and Electrical Engineering, as well as numerous partner suppliers, has initiated a roadmap aimed at  supporting the digital transformation of its members , preparing executives for regulatory and future economies, and to improve data management to optimize operations.

Belharra Numérique recommended an innovative approach consisting of deploying a collaborative document management system (GED) for each member, via a  preconfigured solution designed by GESEC with and for members , in a shared rather than individual approach.

DocuWare was the obvious choice for this project due to its ability to create  pre-configured solutions tailored to each company's specific needs. In addition, its ability to develop native connectors with various ERP/Accounting was a major asset.

Belharra Numérique was also responsible for providing  implementation services and shared user support (training tools, reinforced hotline, etc.), thus allowing each member to acquire DocuWare and benefit from a shared solution to improve their internal processes. , standardize their practices, and analyze their performance .

A partner relationship that creates value

Belharra Numérique and DocuWare have enjoyed a solid five-year relationship, characterized by the closeness of the teams and a shared commitment to strengthening the skills of consultants. This collaboration is based on a shared vision and a user-friendly solution from DocuWare, enabling long-term support for customers.  

DocuWare's major advantage lies in its ability to offer a versatile solution, responding to various business needs and opportunities, and in its interoperability, integrating Electronic Document Management (EDM) at the heart of organizations' information systems. 

Belharra Numérique, Platinium Partner DocuWare, is today the 3rd commercial partner and the first DocuWare production capacity in France.

DocuWare Digital Leaders Award

The annual DocuWare Digital Leaders Award event celebrates DocuWare's most notable partners and their customers, showcasing their joint successes. With more than 17,000 customers around the world, this event has a major international dimension . 

DocuWare partners are invited to submit their best customer success stories, demonstrating the positive impact of DocuWare solutions in their customers' businesses. For this 2023 edition, Belharra Numérique and GESEC shared a Success Story which aroused the admiration of the jury.  

The winners of the DocuWare Digital Leaders Award 2023 were announced at the beginning of November and the Belharra x GESEC collaboration stood out among 13 European projects, testifying to the exceptional quality of their collaboration. 

In addition to presenting awards, the DocuWare Digital Leaders Award celebrates achievements by sharing the inspiring stories of winners with DocuWare's global community of more than 20,000 subscribers. This recognition strengthens Belharra x GESEC’s position as a major player in digital innovation.