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Jalios is a recognized player in the areas of Digital Workplace.
A unified, coherent and seamless communication and collaboration solution.
For a more communicative, collaborative, efficient and learning organization.

  • Corporate social network
  • Company portal and personalized workspace
  • Electronic document management
  • Social Learning
  • Content management
  • Stimulate new ways of working
  • Increase the efficiency of your teams
  • Develop knowledge sharing and capitalization
  • Boost the attractiveness of your employer brand
  • Mobilize the company around a vision and culture

Customer references :

Belharra Numérique, your trusted Jalios integrator partner

Modularity and scalability


Richness and consistency of features


Interconnection to office suites

Seamless, consistent user experience

Belharra & Jalios

Jalios, the leading French publisher on the Digital Workplace market, supports companies and organizations in their digital transformation. Its goal is to make everyone's work more fulfilling and the company more efficient, more innovative and more agile. Active is to make everyone's work more fulfilling and the company more efficient, more innovative and more agile.

For the success of its projects, Jalios partners with digital transformation experts.

In 2019, Belharra enriches its offer by forging a partnership with the publisher Jalios.
With the common point: innovation as a strategy driver.

To support a Responsible Digital approach

Promote QVT

Improving well-being at work through a better user experience

Centralize information

Limit the multiplication of files and documentary silos

Rationalize exchanges

Reduce the number of emails and avoid attachments

Comply with GDPR

Secure data and processes

Save energy

Share servers using the Cloud

Jalios Gets involved

Jalios is committed to the Responsible Digital labeling process and joins the Lucie community to reduce the impact of digital Jalios, already a responsible digital player within its ecosystem, is also involved in raising awareness internally and externally about the challenges of digital technology. Responsible digital.