Belharra, labeled “Responsible Digital”!

We are very pleased to announce that Belharra Numérique has just been labeled “Responsible Digital” Level 1 by the LUCIE Agency .

This label is the result of a committed and voluntary approach by our team in terms of digital responsibility. It comes as a continuation of our “Responsible Digital Company” Label obtained from France IT since 2018 and the signing of the “Responsible Digital” charter of the INR .

In addition, we had the opportunity to be supported by the Antic Pays Basque to prepare for the transition to the new NR label and to raise awareness among internal ambassadors in order to go further in the process.


“Responsible Digital” challenges at Belharra

We believe that digital technology is a source of opportunity and progress for everyone. This approach is part of our CSR policy for a company more committed to preserving its environment, more involved in its ecosystem and more responsible towards its employees, customers and partners.

Our objective is to implement good NR practices in the service of a better Quality of Life at Work . We also want to use our know-how to support our clients' approach to Responsible Digital Technology.

Obtaining the label is for us a real recognition of our values ​​and our commitment to responsible and sustainable digital technology.


The “Responsible Digital” labeling process

To obtain this label, we were audited by an external firm on the basis of a multi-criteria evaluation table, according to the following 5 axes:

  • Our strategy & governance
  • Animation of the process
  • The scope of our approach
  • Analyzing the life cycle of its digital services
  • Integration into our products and services

We have therefore identified more than 50 concrete actions distributed within Belharra services to improve our performance in these different areas.

Following this, the auditor from Goodwill Management gave us a score of 596 points out of 1000 ! And, he gave us a list of recommendations to follow in order to establish our 2-year commitment plan.

Our “Responsible Digital” roadmap for the next two years

Following the auditor's recommendations, we were able to establish our roadmap by listing the actions that we wish to strengthen over the next 2 years. We have therefore broken down our plan into 4 main areas with 18 actions by defining one or more indicators, the objective, the timetable, the responsible person(s) and the deliverable(s).


Here is the summary of our commitment plan:

  • The formalization of our NR policy and indicators for monitoring the approach through a document and monitoring dashboards.
  • Support for the NR strategy to lead and communicate on the approach internally and externally: NR communication plan, dedicated tool for the internal approach, reflection on the sobriety of our communication tools.
  • Responsible management of our equipment with more precise monitoring of the durability characteristics of the equipment in the inventory and optimization of the performance of our devices.
  • The integration and promotion of NR in our offers and services at several levels: specifications, support and customer feedback.

We are committed to continuing our efforts towards responsible digital by continuing to improve our performance and ensuring that our products and services incorporate best practices in digital responsibility . We will thus contribute to a more responsible and sustainable digital world.

We are convinced that this label is a guarantee of confidence for our customers and partners, and we are proud to be able to offer a service in accordance with the NR values.