CSR & Responsible Digital

Our values

We believe that “any project is nourished by a lasting, balanced and value-creating relationship”.

Whether in our employees, our customers and our partners, we base the success of our projects on professional complicity, trust and fluid communication between humans. 

We also know that the best solutions are found together, through the mixing of ideas and sometimes on side roads.


Respect the values ​​of the NR label



Capitalize on teamwork and networking



Get involved so that your success is also ours



Differentiate yourself through the performance of our solutions


“Responsible Digital” label

Belharra has been labeled Responsible Digital Level 1 by Agence Lucie since March 2023. It is the result of an approach initiated 5 years ago and which takes on its full meaning in the current context of the necessary ecological transition.

Belharra, as a Digital Services Company, is part of this dynamic to support its clients in their digital and sustainable transformation, that of Responsible Digital.

Responsible Digital takes into account environmental issues to reduce the digital footprint, human issues with digital accessibility, comfort of use, and ethical issues with data protection or choice of suppliers.

Being labeled “Responsible Digital” is a real business project. It is important that the service offered to our customers can, of course, improve their economic performance, but also support them in their ecological transition. We involve all our employees in this approach, it is an approach of innovation and eco-design which also strengthens our attractiveness by giving meaning to our profession.  


Our CSR actions

Belharra Numérique wishes to promote its commitment, particularly in terms of Social Responsibility, through a collective company project and concrete actions:

  • Responsible Digital labeling
  • Establishing a relationship of trust with our customers
  • A range of sustainable digital solutions 
  • Quality of Life and Privileged Working Conditions
  • Implementing eco-responsible actions 
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