Our ecosystem


The Basque Country Digital Cluster brings together digital companies in the Basque Country. Its mission is to help businesses grow and it is part of the dynamic of the Digital Aquitaine cluster.

Patrick Bourg, Belharra Operations Director, joins the members of the office to invest more in supporting actions within the cluster and the development of the French Tech Basque Country community.


Antic is an agile, committed, expert structure that unearths futures and experiments! Its aim is to make digital a driving force for regional development.

Belharra joined the community of the ancient Basque Country in order to involve our teams in a circle of reflection and nourish our innovation by participating in the work of local actors and thus anticipate trends in the digital sector, particularly on responsible digital technology.

decision-maker club

The decision-makers' club aims to encourage, promote, and organize exchanges between IT decision-makers and each member undertakes to uphold the fundamental values ​​of mutual assistance, exchanges and courtesy.

Belharra has been a member of the “Club des Décideurs Informatique Côte Basque, Béarn et Landes” since its creation in 2012. For Belharra , as a regional player in the world of IT, supporting this initiative was obvious.

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ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine makes innovation the heart of its support activity and creation of opportunities for businesses.

Belharra relies on the know-how of ADI for “Development Strategy” support. Through regular work sessions, the ADI supports the Belharra management team on a daily basis to constantly adapt the strategy to market developments and directions.

group of people

Syntec Numérique is the first professional union in the French digital ecosystem. It notably brings together ESNs (Digital Services Companies) and software publishers.

As a member of the Syntec Federation , for the protection and respect of the work of our employees, Belharra respects the “Syntec” collective agreement. We benefit from studies and recommendations that reflect the life of our profession and the developments in our professions.