Support +400 members in their digital transformation

GESEC, which brings together 438 SMEs specializing in Climate Engineering and Electrical Engineering, has initiated a roadmap to support the digital transformation of its members, prepare managers for future challenges , and improve data management .

Belharra Numérique proposed an innovative approach shared document management solution for each member, designed by GESEC in collaboration with members.

DocuWare was chosen for its transversality , its adaptability and its interoperability .

Belharra Numérique also ensured a deployment rate of 4 members per month , in line with the objectives of the GESEC. But also user support , allowing members to improve their internal processes and analyze their performance thanks to a shared solution.


The challenges of the project

Concrete & immediate ROI

The GESEC project, led by Belharra Numérique, is recognized by DocuWare as one of the 13 most innovative and remarkable projects in Europe. He wins the DocuWare Digital Leaders Award in 2023!



Gesec is an Economic Interest Group founded in 1970 which brings together, throughout France, 438 SMEs specializing in new or rehabilitation work and the maintenance of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electricity and energy installations. renewable. They cover the tertiary, public and private markets, as well as the individual market.

With 438 companies throughout France, Gesec offers a network of local companies, which guarantees perfect knowledge of each client's environments and local particularities.