Reduce operational costs in times of inflation

Leverage your business processes

Current inflation is putting financial pressure on businesses, particularly SMEs. The increasing costs of raw materials and energy impact the cash flow and profitability of companies.

DocuWare Electronic Document Management (EDM) combined with its natively integrated web reporting module, Docu'Analytics , becomes a necessity, offering an opportunity to optimize and boost operational efficiency.

Optimize your purchasing processes

Electronic Document Management (EDM) revolutionizes purchasing processes by offering a complete solution to optimize supplier relationships , purchasing and invoice management . It simplifies supplier onboarding, facilitates ordering with budget controls and automates invoice capture and validation. In summary, EDM makes purchasing processes transparent, automated and accurate , freeing up time for strategic business growth.

Docu'Analytics transforms purchasing actions into usable data. It offers personalized dashboards to track supplier relationships, monitor orders and view delivery times. For invoices, it simplifies accounting management by identifying discrepancies and anticipating payments. In short, it is a concrete tool to optimize each stage of purchasing thanks to clear and usable data .

Optimize customer/business follow-up

From recording offers and quotes to managing orders and invoicing, everything is integrated into the GED for greater efficiency. Electronic signatures guarantee the legality of transactions . Automated processes , such as the generation of Order Acknowledgments and invoice reminders, simplify daily management. By directly involving salespeople, EDM ensures perfect synchronization between sales and accounting .

With Docu'Analytics , analyze your conversion rates, categorize offers and products, track customer locations, business amounts and delivery schedules. In terms of invoicing, this solution makes it possible to manage payment deadlines and deadlines, analyzes annual developments, identifies files in recovery and types of disputes. In summary, Docu'Analytics provides a comprehensive view to optimize business performance and minimize financial risks , enabling informed decisions for business growth.

Optimize employee management

Electronic Document Management (EDM) offers effective centralization for employee management. It facilitates the integration of new arrivals thanks to welcome forms , automates contracts with a secure electronic signature , and ensures the management of individual files in real time. In addition, it guarantees monitoring of deadlines via alerts, simplifies the management of absences with electronic forms , while securing the recruitment process thanks to a CV library compliant with the GDPR .

Docu'Analytics , a complement to the GED, offers a clear and detailed vision of contract management (staff, category, deadlines), absences (sick leave, leave, absenteeism rate, planning) and recruitment (number, duration, distribution by service, analysis of applications). It allows proactive and informed management of the HR department by providing precise key indicators for strategic decisions.

Docu'Analytics brings a new dimension to document management and increases DocuWare's value proposition tenfold. Data analytics in DocuWare measures process performance to drive efficiency. This is real innovation!

Frédéric CHAMINADE , South West Regional Director – DocuWare

Innovation at the heart of your digital transition

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