ELISE, the solution deployed at Vivadour for document management with “Farmers” members

As part of its activities and subsidiaries, the Vivadour group exchanges a large number of documents with its members: invoices, monthly activity summary, letters, etc.
The main challenge of the project was to both improve the management of relationship with members and optimize the productivity and efficiency of the group.

Previously, exchanges were mainly done by mail and generated significant processing costs. Today, dematerialized exchanges simplify the management of member relationships, facilitating the monitoring of requests or the processing of files in the event of a dispute.


The key success factors of the project



Since 1992, Vivadour has placed the defense of farmers' interests, the structuring of competitive agriculture and regional development at the heart of its project. The Group supports a central ambition: to bring people together to carry out a common competitive project in the face of the economic, environmental and political realities which affect rural areas and farmers.

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