The collaboration with BELHARRA is structured around 3 axes:

  • the design and implementation of the Decision-Making tools necessary for General Management and adapted to each of the company's businesses,
  • The implementation of a Company Portal for 2,800 employees, completely Mobile (Intranet/Extranet/Smartphone/PDA), which provides the responsiveness and productivity that Ricoh needs to act and react quickly,
  • This project also supports the e-Business approach (Ricoh Web Services: with customers and distributors, by providing them with value-added services that allow them to track and manage their orders and their fleets. of machines and their invoices.

Two distinct environments are deployed:

  • Mobility Intranet portal deployed to the company's 2,800 employees who access their “office” in VPN, Extranet and Mobility mode on Smartphone, iPhone and BlackBerry and workstation.
  • E-Business portal deployed in B2B across the entire indirect sales network and in B2C for some 30,000 customers for tracking orders for machines and consumables, management of the machine fleet, meter reading, access to duplicates invoice, monitoring of technical interventions.
Our partnership with the BELHARRA teams began in 2000. Since that date, we have relied on their skills and capacity for innovation. We work in Outsourcing with the dual objective of building a lasting partnership relationship to capitalize on the experience acquired while preserving the Client/Supplier relationship to rationalize our costs and manage our projects on the triptych of Costs/Return on investment indicators, Quality and Deadlines.
Thierry SAVIT
Director of Information Systems at RICOH France


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