Notre Dame Foundation

Notre Dame Foundation

The Notre Dame Foundation

As part of monitoring the Notre Dame Foundation's mutual aid and solidarity projects, the referents carried out manual management of files, with the risk of human error and circulation of paper and important emails.

The main challenge of the project was to bring together, in the same tool, all the management of administrative documents in order to facilitate the monitoring and financial processing of projects: Implement a GED solution to process, with modern and efficient tools, all processes linked to projects supported by the FND, and respond as best as possible to funding requests.

The EDM to meet the challenges of traceability and auditability of documents linked to supported projects.

“The trusting work and fluidity of exchanges between the teams of the Foundation and Belharra enabled the success of our project”
Catherine MOUILLE
Project manager at the Foundation

The key success factors of the GED project


Traceability & Auditability


Speed ​​of deployment


Time saving


Reduction of paper



The Notre Dame Foundation has been recognized as being of public utility since 1992. Thanks to its “Mutual Aid & Education” program, it encourages and develops solidarity projects. It helps to make them a reality quickly through project support and appropriate financing. All supported projects are carried out by volunteers and associations close to Parisian parishes.

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