Crusta C

crusta c

Crusta C optimizes the life cycle of its multi-source data and its budgeting with IBM Analytics

The main objective of this project is to deploy a common decision-making “layer” which allows Crusta C to process different sources of information, to pool existing business software in order to facilitate management without having to resort to reprocessing: from the budgetary process to reporting and dashboards.

The challenge for Crusta C: putting data at the heart of the project to achieve better management, better reliability in the use of indicators to, ultimately, cover all areas of the company's activity.

The key invoices for the success of the project:

  • A work methodology that reduces risks and allows the project to be adjusted as it is deployed.
  • Complementary profiles of the project team combining technical and functional skills.
  • A 360° project analysis, adapted and flexible.
  • A co-construction project.
“The exploitation of Data is a major lever of performance for companies. »
Financial and Administrative Manager


Crusta C is a food industry founded in 1993, a leader in tropical shrimp on the European market.
Today the leader on the French market, Crusta C is gradually establishing itself as a key player in the world of seafood products and boasts its “French” approach and know-how.

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