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Specific needs and functionalities for the 5C “Home/Mail” service

5C has the particularity of operating on multiple sites and therefore of interacting with multiple stakeholders.

It is therefore faced with the problem of managing significant documentary flows.

The objective is to have an electronic document management tool and more precisely an electronic mail management tool to streamline the management of incoming mail which is scanned and then distributed to the various departments of the various sites concerned.

BELHARRA supports the 5C community to streamline its mail management.


The key success factors of the project

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The Community of Communes Cœur et Coteaux du Comminges, more commonly known as 5C, was created in January 2017. It resulted from the merger of 5 intermunicipalities. Its headquarters is located in Saint-Gaudens, in the Haute-Garonne department, in Occitanie.

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