The French Polynesia Hospital Center and IBM's ESB or how to transform the HIS without changing everything

As part of its information and communication system master plan, the CHPF wanted to modernize its Hospital Information System (HIS) to provide better care and better management, favoring a flexible approach that reuses existing application assets as much as possible. This new architecture should make it possible to streamline the exchange of information, facilitate the integration of new business silos while preserving a single, coherent and exhaustive vision of patient data and care production.

Modernize your HIS to better care and manage better, favoring a flexible approach that reuses existing application assets as much as possible.

“The challenge of HIS is to quickly bring the right information to the right person at the right time by communicating the forty business software packages used in the hospital. »
Francis Pezet
DSI, French Polynesia Hospital Center

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The French Polynesia Hospital Center is the country's main multidisciplinary hospital. The missions of the French Polynesia Hospital Center are integrated into the Territorial Health Organization Scheme. The CHPf appears to be the benchmark healthcare establishment in French Polynesia. In view of the geographical isolation of the Territory on the one hand and the dispersion of its submerged lands on the other hand, the establishment must respond to all health needs, from consultation in the establishment or directly in the islands, from treatment to intervention. As a result, the pathologies treated are very numerous, only procedures related to cardiac surgery, and certain neurosurgery, oncology or serious burns procedures can be the subject of medical evacuations to the Metropolis or New Zeeland.

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