Lime Saint-Astier


The Chaux Saint-Astier company is modernizing and streamlining its sales administration and customer invoice processes.

The company Chaux Saint-Astier, manufacturer of products based on natural hydraulic lime, trusts Belharra Numérique to deploy its project to modernize internal processes and chooses the GED DocuWare to dematerialize the sales administration processes and in particular the management of document flow and sending invoices.

General Management wanted to increase efficiency and productivity in Customer Service, which processes over a year nearly 14,400 invoices, 32,000 Delivery Notes, 22,000 Order Acknowledgments, 22,000 customer orders and 3,000 order orders. transport purchase. This project also aims to dematerialize documents and reduce the proportion of printed paper linked to document processing, which contributes to the environmental improvement process.

Lime Saint-Astier

The challenges of the project

Functional principles

  • Document storage : customer orders and transport, purchase orders, delivery notes, ARC and customer invoices, etc.
  • Electronic signature of delivery notes and automatic classification.
  • Automatic creation of the documentary bundle via a common order number.
  • Document validation workflow
  • Sending customer invoices via a secure link automatic reminder policy in case of non-reading.

Operational benefits

  • Easy and quick access to all information via query filters.
  • Complete and reliable traceability of each delivery .
  • Systematic coordination for invoice tracking.

Thanks to the DocuWare solution implemented by Belharra, Saint-Astier benefits from optimized document management and improves the productivity and efficiency of its ADV service. General Management can evaluate concrete operational gains by reducing administrative tasks for ADV teams and measurable financial gains by improving customer invoice recovery times.



SAINT-ASTIER ® is a family business, independent and French for over a century, based in the heart of Périgord Blanc.

Specializing in the restoration of a prestigious heritage of scale in France and internationally, SAINT-ASTIER ® draws its limestone from a unique quarry in Europe, and manufactures high quality natural lime as well as exceptional solutions and durable over time.

Thanks to its differentiating approach through the technical expertise of its professionals with its customers and partners, SAINT-ASTIER ® offers natural hydraulic lime, technical solutions and a range of “High invoice” services for restoration, renovation, sustainable housing, or even interior decorations.

Now certified as a Living Heritage Company (EPV), SAINT-ASTIER ® approaches the future with confidence and intends to continue to develop in its core business, internationally as well as in the biosourced world. All while relying on its values ​​deeply anchored in its DNA.