AGRIAL dematerializes the processing of its overheads and chooses BELHARRA to support them towards improved supplier relations

In continuation of its project to redesign the Members Portal and in a dynamic of evolution of working methods and performance across the entire value chain, AGRIAL is today choosing to generalize the operational excellence of the cooperative group with a overhead dematerialization project alongside BELHARRA Numérique. 

The objective is to reduce average processing times for overheads, thus making internal processes more fluid and improving supplier relations. 

Strengthen and modernize the AGRIAL cooperative project through the dematerialization of overheads.

earth and hands
“The iterations of the project will make it successful!” »
Jean-Bernard BOBET
General Expenses dematerialization project manager

The key success factors of the project



AGRIAL is a French agricultural and agri-food cooperative company which supports and promotes its member farmers on a daily basis. This, by marketing their production and developing agri-food processing activities in the field of milk, fresh vegetables and fruits, drinks and meats. Together, its 12,000 farmer-members and 21,200 employees embody a united and efficient model, faithful to its history and culture.

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