Our Belharra developers are in the spotlight!

A strengthened team of developers to transform digital!

Programming and development is in our DNA! We are proud to have 15 in-house coding experts, or 28% of our workforce. And guess what? We are always looking for talent to strengthen our team and meet the growing demand for our business.

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Our developers are in the spotlight!

On the occasion of World Developers Day, we're putting our coding superheroes in the spotlight with their stories!

For Kevin , a developer is someone who is creative and likes puzzles. He tells us: “ what I like about this job is being able to give free rein to my imagination and seeing my ideas take shape. »

And for Nabil , a developer is someone who designs and develops applications to meet a need. To do this, he uses a wide range of know-how (techniques) and interpersonal skills (communication).

His favorite part about this job is the opportunity to solve problems creatively. And he tells us:

« We have the chance to create something from scratch, and see our ideas take shape through the screen. »

He says this field is evolving all the time and there is always the opportunity to learn new things. And that it also offers good flexibility in business areas (here at e-SCM we work on logistics, but we can work in aeronautics, in real estate, in all professions).

For Nabil, it's one of the only jobs that is practiced in free time as a hobby, which is proof that it's exciting and engaging!

So, what does being a developer really mean?

The developer is the magician of designing and creating computer applications. Its mission is to translate business rules into a language, thus writing the organizations' strategy into lines of code.

This profession is constantly evolving, with the continued appearance of new technologies and new languages. It is an inexhaustible source of discoveries and exciting challenges.

Developers, our superheroes in the digital transformation of businesses!

They nourish the value chain of companies through interactions with customers, creating a virtuous circle. The company is moving towards a value loop with a win-win relationship.

Developers have a crucial role to play in evolving applications, improving customer service and user experience, while staying in tune with business needs.

For them, the developer profession is a key key to enriching the company's value proposition and making it more efficient.

At Belharra, technology is a means to meet innovation challenges and modernize the company. A digital solution is only effective if it unlocks the full potential of organizations.