New Aquitaine Responsible Digital Ambassadors Day

A major event to raise awareness of Responsible Digital Technology

On September 22, the Basque Country Digital Uses Agency (antic Pays Basque) welcomed the participants of the 1st New Aquitaine Responsible Digital Ambassadors Day to its premises in Izarbel (Bidart).

This event organized by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and the Responsible Digital Institute (INR) brought together local stakeholders, digital experts , but above all citizens concerned about the impact of technology on our environment and our society. Among the ambassadors were a representative of the INR, agents of the Nouvelle – Aquitaine Region and Antic, collaborators and managers of structures such as Dolist , One point, Gamesplanet, NAOS and InfoGreen  Factory

Responsible Digital Ambassadors
Patrick BOURG

Responsible digital technology, a crucial issue

The importance of responsible digital continues to grow as our reliance on technology increases. ANTIC Basque has taken the initiative of raising awareness among the local community of this essential issue. The day was an opportunity to highlight the challenges we face and share solutions for more responsible use of technology.

This awareness was achieved in particular through feedback from  Belharra , publisher of the e-SCM solution . Indeed Patrick Bourg , founding partner of the company, testified to the responsible digital approach in which Belharra has been involved for several years .

The Belharra / e-SCM approach

In March 2023,  Belharra / e-SCM was labeled Digital at the 1st level by the LUCIE agency, after support from ANTIC in particular. This NR approach is part of a strong CSR commitment which reflects the visionary and innovative spirit of Belharra . A magic recipe which has made it possible to develop strong commitments for a company concerned about its environment, ecosystem and responsible towards its employees, customers and partners .

The intervention of Patrick BOURG

The idea of ​​the ambassadors' day was also to involve NR actors and this thanks to feedback, notably  that of Belharra . Thus Patrick Bourg presented the approach and the reality of its implementation, thus showing the difficulties and solutions encountered. Nevertheless, these difficulties found answers in particular in the individual commitment of the different professions through the company's operations. The importance was to show or at least raise awareness of the fact that NR allows, in addition to being a noble cause, great effectiveness and efficiency within projects and concrete visibility on R OI .

ANTIC - Responsible Digital Ambassadors Day

Towards a more responsible future

This first Responsible Digital Ambassadors Day by ANTIC Basque Country was a real success, demonstrating the growing importance of digital sustainability in our daily lives. The organizers expressed their intention to continue these awareness-raising initiatives and encourage more actors to adopt responsible digital practices.  

The importance of NR in companies is growing and as Patrick Bourg explained, responsible digital is not only an ROI in its own right but quite simply allows a gain in effectiveness and efficiency thus corroborating financial or other nature ROIs. .  

Ultimately, this day demonstrated that we can all play a role in promoting responsible digital, whether as individuals, businesses or organizations.  


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Belharra is also publisher of the e-SCM solution, dedicated to the Fashion and Luxury sector for managing the Supply Chain with a strong CSR approach.
Antic Basque Country
Non-profit association created in 1999 by the Basque Country agglomeration and supported by it since then. Considering digital technology as an opportunity for its territory, it has been engaged for many years in the development of its uses, the dissemination of digital culture and the implementation of experimental projects. Its mission positions it as a structure that supports, innovates and raises awareness. The association has been labeled Responsible Digital since January 2022. It is the first structure to obtain this national label in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques and since 2020 it has been deploying a roadmap for more responsible and accessible digital technology in the region.