City of Labège

Unify document management for optimal traceability of exchanges

The city of Labège, through its Directorate General of Services (DGS), is embarking on a project to  modernize its Electronic Mail Management (EGM) tool. This upgrade project is in response to the municipality's constantly evolving document and information management needs. At the heart of this transformation, Labège decided to adopt a new approach by using Electronic Document Management (EDM) for its new system.

The old tool was valuable for the town of Labège, but over time, it became obvious that simple mail management was becoming insufficient.  

With more than 30 business processes , 22 interconnected services , 68 agents (including 13 elected officials), and an annual volume of 6,500 letters to manage , documents are today extremely diverse, ranging from traditional letters to emails, to contracts , reports, digital data, and much more.

To cope with this increasing complexity, Labège has chosen to turn to the  EDM/ECM ELISE which offers greater flexibility and the ability to adapt to a wider range of needs.

The transition from GEC to GED does not mean a simple name change, but rather the adoption of a  new, more versatile approach . EDM includes the management of all types of documents , whether physical or digital, which allows Labège to further streamline its operations, improve internal collaboration and guarantee better accessibility to essential information. This modernization will strengthen the city's capacity to respond to the changing needs of its citizens and to more efficiently manage the multitude of data and documents circulating within the administration.

It is with this in mind that the City of Labège has chosen  Belharra Numérique as a trusted partner . NeoLedge 's Elise solution was recommended to address these critical challenges. This digital transition promises to open a new era in mail management and consolidate Labège's position in a constantly evolving world of local administration.


The town of Labège has 5,200 inhabitants, located in Haute-Garonne, Occitanie, combines technological innovation and exceptional natural environment. Known for its economic dynamism and its high-tech companies, Labège remains committed to the quality of life of its citizens. The city combines modernity and preservation of its heritage, attracting innovative minds while maintaining a balance between tradition and progress.