DocuWare x Belharra Numérique: the winning duo for your GED projects 

A winning duo for your digital transformation projects

Many digital transformation projects fail due to poor solution choices, poor change management, security issues, or underestimating the challenges associated with digitalization. 

This is why it is essential to choose the right technological solution, but also to surround yourself with competent experts who understand the specific needs of the company and the challenges to be overcome. 

The winning duo between the award-winning DocuWare solution, voted best EDM 2023/2024, and the expertise of Belharra Numérique with a project recognized as one of the most innovative and remarkable in Europe, creates an undeniable winning combo for a successful digital transformation. 

DocuWare, voted best GED 2023/2024

Independent testing laboratory DataMaster Lab awarded DocuWare the “ Best Electronic Document Management (EDM) Solution” for the years 2023/2024.  This award was given in the “document capture, processing and management” category.

The DocuWare team received this distinction during the “Solutions 2023” event at Porte de Versailles, Paris. DocuWare has been praised for being a “complete EDM solution, with simplified cloud integration and advanced document process automation” . 

This recognition is due to the tool's advanced functionalities ease of configuration , its openness to business tools and its great capacity for customization .

This is the second year in a row that DocuWare has won an award from DataMaster Lab. In 2022, the solution had already been awarded as “Best Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solution” in the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and Mid-Size Enterprise (ETI) category.  

With an overall score of 87.33 out of 100, DocuWare ranks first in the EDM solutions category. This rating rises to 91.2 out of 100 for compatibility , 87.3 out of 100 for features, and 86.8 out of 100 for security.

"DocuWare simplifies data management with easy configuration and advanced features. Its open design enables sophisticated connections with various third-party applications. Quick setup enables process automation in a short time. The new DocuWare iPaaS platform expands integrations with over 1,000 cloud applications, providing a comprehensive, customizable solution for document management and intelligent data capture."

Belharra Numérique, your trusted DocuWare partner

Belharra Numérique, with its expertise and unwavering commitment to innovation, positions itself as a key player in supporting organizations in their digital transformation. At the heart of this mission is a strong and successful partnership with DocuWare , the undisputed leader in the field of electronic document management (EDM). 

For five years now, Belharra Numérique has solidified its position as an integrator of DocuWare solutions, playing an essential role in the digital transition of many companies. This in-depth experience has led to the recognition of Belharra Numérique as the 3rd commercial partner and the first DocuWare production capacity in France , a testament to our unwavering commitment to operational excellence. 

As a Platinum DocuWare Partner, Belharra Numérique is proud of its active involvement in the Diamond Club 2023 which brings together the best DocuWare partners for their skills, commitment and loyalty. 

The ultimate recognition of our commitment and expertise was revealed during the DocuWare Digital Leaders Award 2023 .  Belharra Numérique was honored to receive this distinguished award, highlighting one of our most innovative and remarkable projects among 13 European projects.

At Belharra Numérique, our mission is to guide our clients towards a prosperous digital future by creating adapted and efficient solutions. Through our close partnership with DocuWare and our unwavering commitment to excellence, we are determined to continue to be a trusted pillar for organizations looking to evolve in the digital age, with tailor-made solutions and partners of excellence at their side.