Belharra joins the board of directors of the ancient Basque Country 

An alliance to promote Responsible Digital

Antic Basque Country recently announced the arrival of Belharra on its Board of Directors for the next three years, marking a significant step in the promotion of Responsible Digital Technology in the Basque .

Patrick BOURG, Associate Director at Belharra Numérique joins the Board of Directors as an alternate for college 4 (operators and service providers).

This collaboration between a company committed to responsible digital technology and an association working to support digital players takes on its full meaning in the era of digital transition and the need to preserve our environment. 

Actor committed to Responsible Digital

Belharra obtained the  “Responsible Digital” label from the LUCIE Agency in March 2023, the result of an approach initiated 5 years ago. This recognition takes on its full meaning in the current context marked by the imperative of ecological transition that every economic actor must embrace, a necessity today framed by the REEN law (Reduction of the Digital Environmental Footprint).

As a Digital Services Company, Belharra is part of a perspective of supporting territorial policies to support its clients in their digital transition and, more specifically, in that of Responsible Digital. 

In 2022, Belharra also called on ANTIC Pays Basque, a pioneering organization in the field and itself certified at the end of 2021. 

Support for the Responsible Digital approach

ANTIC Pays Basque is an association which aims to support and unite digital players in the Basque territory. Its objective is to promote innovation, economic development, and the territorial anchoring of companies in the sector. In this context, the promotion of responsible digital technology is naturally part of its mission.  

ANTIC Pays Basque offers a space for reflection and action for companies, institutions, and local stakeholders wishing to participate in a sustainable digital transition. The association supports initiatives aimed at reducing the digital carbon footprint and raising awareness among citizens and businesses of these issues.  

A new team for more responsible digital

The new team from the members of ANTIC Pays Basque and their representatives for the next three years is placed under the sign of responsible digital technology. This team will have the mission of initiating and following a new roadmap for the period 2024-2026, emphasizing concrete actions.  

Members chose their representatives based on their commitment and expertise in the field of responsible digital technology. This team, made up of involved and motivated people, will work together to develop projects aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of digital technology, encouraging digital sobriety, and raising public awareness of the issues of responsible digital technology.  

With Belharra Numérique at its side, ANTIC Pays Basque can count on a key partner in its mission to promote responsible digital technology. This collaboration promises to catalyze efforts towards more environmentally friendly digital technology in the Basque Country, while supporting innovation and economic development in the region.